About The League Of Yes

Our Mission & History

Our Mission

The League of Yes’ mission is to establish and sustain baseball programs for people (of all ages) with disabilities. Our objective is to provide an opportunity for those individuals to experience the joy and benefits that come from playing our national pastime.

Our aim is to help the league’s players develop social skills and increase self esteem, while promoting community support and sponsorship for the league.

We believe everyone deserves the chance to play baseball!

Our History

In 2006, Kristine Fitzpatrick, Founder and Executive Director of the League of YES, was introduced to an organization called the Miracle League when she was invited to serve on the Executive Board of the local Westchester, NY chapter. The Miracle League provides the opportunity for children with special needs the opportunity to play baseball. Kristine served on the Board through 2009 and while doing so, she developed a strong passion for the program and decided to bring it to Long Island where the number of children with disabilities is significant yet sports programs are limited.

Kristine passionately researched information and invited friends and associates to come together to form the first Miracle League of Long Island. Ms. Fitzpatrick then presented the concept of the Miracle League to the Town of Brookhaven, NY, which had a handicapped accessible field however there were no programs utilizing it with any regularity. After numerous discussions, the Commissioner of the Parks Department agreed it was a much needed program for the community and formally provided the field to the Miracle League to use for their games.

In 2010, the Miracle League of Long Island was officially founded, dedicated to providing individuals with special needs the opportunity to play baseball. From the first game in 2010 to the last game of the 2014 season, the League grew from 30 players to more than 150 as well as drawing over 1,000 volunteers each season; reflecting the need for recreational programs of this kind for children with disabilities and awareness of disabilities throughout the community.

In early 2015, Kristine and the Executive Team realized they were growing at a significant pace and had the desire to continue to expand the program and services beyond the original concept. In a unanimous vote, the decision was made to move forward as a new and separate organization, the League of YES; where You Experience Success! This new entity would build upon the baseball program already in place by providing more services and by creating a step ­by ­step process for new Leagues of YES to develop and flourish as chapters throughout the United States.

This part of the organization’s history is in its infancy, but has already been received with great enthusiasm by the players, the families of our participants, our volunteers, as well as our supporters. In addition, starting in late 2015, we broke ground on a second field so more players can experience the joy of playing baseball.

We consider this the first chapter in a new and exciting story to be told.